Sunday, August 2, 2009

Organic Food: Not Healthier than Regular?

Organic food isn't healthier than processed food, item to item. It's just more expensive. That's what CNN says. From the article:

Researchers looked at 50,000 studies conducted over 50 years — and found no significant differences in the foods. They focused on a wide range of crops and livestock raised and marketed under organic standards.

I suppose that could mean one of a few things:
  1. This entire study is just propaganda from Big Food, carefully calibrated as a response to Food Inc. Having worked in PR, this wouldn't surprise me.
  2. The study is legit, but ignores the environmental impacts of non-organic foods.
  3. The study is legit, and we should stop spending nearly 2x on organic foods.
Maybe there's a compromise: buy from farmer's markets/local producers when you can, but go to the largemart foodcorp store when you can't. Who knows. How do you buy groceries, dear blog reader?