Friday, February 6, 2009

New Music Friday: The Return

What's up, the internet -

Back in action after a few weeks off. Back when I was writing for 'insider, I had a little Friday tradition: find cool, free and legal music on the web. Then link to it, all in one post. Pretty straightforward. And, pretty awesome. Well, the internet, I think it's time to bring that back. So ready for some free music to load up to your **** or your ****? Thought so.


Ok, enjoy the free music and have a great weekend everybody!


  1. WOW, still showing the love. Thanks Cesar!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these, will check them out!

  3. Fantastic...especially Marlena Shaw!

  4. guess who's bizzack? what up cesar!

  5. Glad you're back Cesar! We missed you!

  6. I'm not sure if you saw my tweet about this, but I think it's pretty neat that you're bringing this back!

    BTW, I totally endorse my quote; Suckers are win! They kinda remind me of Explosions in the Sky...but with lyrics!

    I'd also like to share a band I think is pretty sweet too, if you don't mind. I went to "Ska Is Dead" on Wednesday and one of the bands that played, was Deal's Gone Bad. Now these guys are the shizz! They're taking over my Social! They're pretty cool to talk to as well. I might go to Hollywood tomorrow just to see them again. Anyways, here's their myspace:

    Let me know what you think on twitter or sumffin.


  7. BTW I found the guy playing the trombone to look a bit like you lol.

  8. Thanks man! Glad to hear from you again. Here's some more free stuff.

    I think you'll like! Their song Jimmy Fallon: The Plan was written three yrs. ago and now with life imitating art they'll be appearing on his pilot for his upcoming late night talk show. It's a cool story. You can read about it here:


  9. Hey, Cesar!

    Miss you and glad to have "found" you. Marques at "Inside the Circle" provided the insight.

    You are directly responsible for 50% of the new music in my library. It's great knowing the guy who knows how to get the free stuff.

    You are in my favorites simply because you are my favorite.

    Thanks again.