Sunday, March 15, 2009

Three Basic Truths from George Will

Having a lot of free time, I watch a lot of TV. Like a lot. But don't worry, dear blog reader, I only watch shows of great cultural or analytical merit. Like reruns of the X-Men cartoon.

Anyways, one of the shows I watch is This Week with George Stephanopoulos. The main reason I watch is this guy:
(Conservative thinker George Will. Sure, he's "the other side," but you gotta respect his giant mind).

This week, Mr. Will laid out a few truths, as part of his commentary on the epic hip hop battle between a zany basic cable entertainer and an insightful market analyst: Jim Cramer and John Stewart, respectively.

In the segment, George Will lays out three wise precepts, reposted here:
  1. Never play poker against a man named Slim.
  2. Never buy a rolex from a man who's out of breath.
  3. Never take financial advice from a man who's shouting at you.
So there you have it. Sound advice, yeah?


  1. Sound advice indeed.

    In a world full of Corporate Speak, where the substitution of real words for indecipherable P.C.terms dilutes their meaning and does nothing but confuse everyone until the truth has been lost entirely, Will has hit on the reminder to look to common sense.

    I watched that too Cesar and had the same reaction. We are completely surrounded by hucksters(both corporate and political) bent on distracting us long enough to separate us from our cash. PT Barnum must be smiling somewhere.

    Glad to see you posted about this...

  2. Cramer reminds me of a guy who's all gung ho bluster on camera, but would dial 911 while running away if you looked at him cross-eyed in real life. Which is why I don't like him. Oh, that and "Keep your money in Bear Stearns!" Had I any money, I would rather invest it with a guy named Slim.